Saturday, 14 July 2007

Second year results

So I go my results through today...Iv been accepted through to the third and final year that will decide my degree score. My results in the individual modules as followed:

Professional Studies: 70%

Journalism In Context: 62.9%

Issues and Representations: 69.6%

Newspaper and Magazine Design: 52.5%

Editorial Photograpy: 55.1%

Online Journalism: 66.2%

Researching the Media and Communication: 68%

News and Feature Writing: 65.1%

Managing Media Projects and Dissertations: 55.3%

That leaves me with an overall 63% for the second year - which is a 2:1

Bit of work to do in the final year still though!!!!

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lucynlynz said...

Well done baby!! I'm very very proud of you!!!!
Make sure you keep it up next year!!!!